Mister F

TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter & GCCF Grand Premier Amazolou Mister Fantastic

Red Smoke Longhair Selkirk Rex

Born 3rd April 2007

TICA Champion Insider Manfred (Imp) x Trueblu Housemartin

Fantastic by name and fantastic by nature, Mister F came to join our household in December 2007 and was to be a companion for Quando and also a show neuter.  He has filled those shoes with alacrity - he and Quando are like siamese twins and are absolutely devoted to one another and he has had great success on the show bench!

Mister F is very much a people cat and very inquisitive - added to this he has very good type and substance and was born for the show bench.  Thank you so much to Zoe Amarilli of Amazolou Cats for entrusting this special little man to me.

Mister F is now four years old and a half and having gained his GCCF Grand Premier, has now been retired from the show bench to do what he does best.  He loves spending time at home charming any visitors and bird watching in the garden. 

Amazolou Mister Fantastic Supreme 2008
Amazolou Mister Fantastic Supreme 2008
Photo by Paul Marshall www.catplanet.co.uk
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