Ch Bedazzlecats Zebedee of Boucles

GC Bedazzlecats Zeezu x QGC Bedazzlecats Zigourney

Blue Silver Shaded Selkirk Rex Longhair - 79L 43as

25th January 2012

DNA Profiled 2012 - Blood Group A - Carries Self - PKD Negative

ACTIVE Registered with TICA


I have always wanted a dilute silver boy but had not ever found the right one.  Stanley was born the day after Bob which is fitting as the two of them have become firm friends - Stanley is one of happiest cats I have ever known - as long as his belly is full and he gets a cuddle he is content.  Stanley is a stunning boy from a very special line and I can't thank Sue Cummins enough for her faith in letting him join me - I won't let you down Sue.

Stanley went to his first adult TICA show at 8 months and came home a Champion at his first try and we will be showing him later in 2014.

Update October 2015 ~ Stanley is a total cuddlebug and has now been neutered.  Once he has recovered from his op and his hormones have settled down I hope to show him again.



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