Planned Matings

Below you can see our future planned matings.  I am a small hobby breeder (I make no profit from breeding kittens) producing happy, healthy kittens who meet the breed standard and also make fabulous cuddly pets.  I tend to only have one litter at a time to ensure each kitten receives oodles of love and attention and that they go to their new home well adjusted and confident individuals.  

Breeding a healthy cat is my priority and all my cats are PKD negative or from PKD negative parents and are blood grouped so matings can be planned accordingly.  

Many of my kittens owners become personal friends, visiting before and after kittens are born and staying in touch afterwards ~ I guarantee you a lifetime of support from me once your Boucles kitten or adult joins you.

To express interest in a particular mating please email me on bouclesselkirkrex@gmail.com and I will let you know details of the babies when born.  When emailing please tell me a little bit about yourself, your homelife and any other pets you now have or cats you have owned.  This allows me to match up the perfect kitten to the perfect home and vice versa.

Kittens can be visited from 6 weeks old and cannot be reserved before then but may be placed on hold for interested parties until that point.  However if you would like to visit to meet me and my family of cats at any point before we have kittens please feel free to email - I love talking about the breed and am happy for you to see my home and cats and spend some time having curly cuddles.



**We currently have kittens in the nursery ~ full details and photos to follow in due course ~ below can be seen our mating plans for 2017/2018**


Matings 2018

Early 2018

Boucles Monsieur Reve (blood group A) x Finesthour Ysbryd Pren of Boucles (blood group A)

Selkirk Rex Longhair kittens in curly and straight coats ~ expected colours are black, blue, chocolate or lilac selfs and tabbies with or without white including high whites and hopefully vans.  All colours/patterns also in colourpoint.  All will be blood group A. 


Boucles Monsieur Reve (Blood Group A) x Sofa Tigers Maroussia (Blood Group A)

Selkirk Rex Longhair kittens in curly and straight coats ~ expected colours are:

boys - black, chocolate, blue, lilac, red or cream selfs, smokes, silver shadeds and tabbies with or without white and colourpoints in these colours

girls - selfs, smokes,  silver shadeds, torties and torbies in black, chocolate, blue and lilac with or without white and colourpoints in these colours



?? x GCCF Ch, LOOF Int Ch & TICA RW SGC Boucles Madame Pourquoi (Blood Group A)

We have not decided who to mate Kermie to in 2018 - we may look to have shorthair kittens should a suitable boy be found.  Failing that we will hope to use an external Selkirk boy this time for what will be Kermie's last litter.


Ch, LOOF Ch & RW SGC Boucles Monsieur Tibault (Blood Group A) x RW SGC Dramatails Secret of Boucles (Blood Group A)

Selkirk Rex Longhair kittens in curly and straight coats ~ expected colours are solids and tabbies with and without white in black and blue.  All kittens will be blood group A and may carry dilute, colourpoint and/or chocolate.