Below you can see details of all kittens born at Boucles and pictures of our previous kittens who are now in their new homes - Boucles kitties tend to have a tendency to take over their owners new homes as well as their hearts and I am very privileged to have met some wonderful people who have given my babies fabulous forever homes - thank you Boucles Kitty Owners!

You can also see some pictures of the wonderful kittens Softee has sired in 2012 for Liz Blagdon and Cleyview Cattery.  I am just in the process of updating this page with all the photos from loving new mums and dads!  You can also see quotes from them about their Boucles babies.


Litter One 15th May 2010

Imp Gr Ch & RW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x Aspiritous Charlotte

Boucles Macavity - red silver shaded - loved and adored by slaves Paulette & Pru of Sarwillow

Boucles Mehitabel - brown shaded tabby - stayed at Boucles

Boucles Mr Mistoffelees aka Eric - seal colourpoint - loved and adored by slaves Viv and family

Boucles Tantomile aka Millie - brown shaded tabby - loved and adored by slaves Caitlin and Graham

Boucles Mungojerrie - red silver shaded colourpoint - loved and adoredby slave Gemma at Sassygems

Boucles Rumpleteazer aka Poppy - silver shaded - loved and adored by slaves Rebecca and family

Boucles Slinky Malinki - black self - rules Lesley and her family with a paw of iron!

Litter Two - 7th April 2011

Imp Gr Ch & RW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x Aspiritous Charlotte

Boucles Othello - silver spotted tabby - loved and adored by Tim of Curlyhearts Selkirk Rex

Boucles Ophelia - seal smoke colourpoint - loved and adored by Amy of Curlyhearts Selkirk Rex

Litter 3 - 24th January 2012

Imp Gr Ch & RW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x Aspiritous Charlotte

Boucles Bombalurina - Black Smoke - loved and adored by Tamsin and family of Finesthour Selkirk Rex

Boucles Monsieur Tibault - black self - stayed here at Boucles

Boucles Rum Tum Tugger - black smoke - loved and adored by Sarah at Ashblue Selkirk Rex

Boucles Orlando - red silver shaded - loved and adored by Morgan

Boucles Bagpuss - red silver shaded - spoiled rotten by two special boys with his baby brother Figaro 


Litter Four - 14th October 2012

Imp Gr Ch & RW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x Precioushearts Brillance

Boucles Fancy Pants - silver shaded homozygous - now with big brother Bagpuss and the spitting image of his father at the same age!

Boucles Filthy Rich - golden shaded homozygous - spoiled and adored by Heather and her family of Persians

Boucles Cotton Candy - silver shaded - a little princess being pampurred by Vikki and her family


Litter Five - 18th March 2013

DGC Catbalu Magnum Opus x Boucles Mehitabel

Boucles Carbonel - black self longhaired variant - loved and adored by Penny & Steve

'Bertie is everything I would wish for in a kitten' ~ Penny


Litter Six - 5th May 2013

Imp Gr Ch & RW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x Ch Lelaurier Elusivesparkle

Boucles Pepe Le Pew - black smoke/white homozygous male - loved and adored by Gloria and her family

Boucles Penelope La Chatte - black silver shaded/white female - stayed with us as I couldn't bear to part with her

Boucles Soo Zee Pee - black torbie/white female - cherished and spoiled rotten by Tim & Amy

Boucles Pouncequick - black tortie silver homozygous female - best buddies with her big brother Filthy Rich and Heather

Boucles Eatbugs - black silver tabby homozygous female - living a pampurred life in France with Sue and her family


Litter Seven ~ 9th May 2014

Imp Gr Ch & RW SGC Mr Brightside x RW TGC Susens Sol Dream of Boucles


Pr & LOOF Int Gr Pr & TICA RW SGCA Boucles Monsieur Meli-Melo ~ silver shaded male ~ loved and shown to perfection by Diana

Ch & TICA RW SGC Boucles Madame Pourquoi ~ brown mackerel tabby female ~ stayed at Boucles

RW SGM Boucles Madame Supersonique ~ black variant female ~ spoiled rotten and shown beautifully by Mandy and Amy

Ch Boucles Brisa of Curlysue ~ black female ~ with great friends Mat and Gabo in Argentina ~ mother of RW Curlysue Rafaella


Litter Eight ~ 12th July 2014

Ch & RW Boucles Monsieur Tibault x Ch Lelaurier Eluisive Sparkle


Boucles Jungle Drums ~ cream/white male ~ living in Sweden with Paivi and her family and making gorgeous babies

Boucles Banana Dream ~ cream/white homozygous male ~ with his sister Noisy living with Sarah and her family locally to me

Boucles Azurite ~ blue self male ~ living in California with Kitti and Sarah Ruttan and also making gorgeous babies

Boucles Hollyhock ~ blue spotted torbie ~ living with Ros and her family ~ had her first beautiful litter last year

Boucles Honey Dip ~ brown mackerel tabby with white ~ living with my baby sister Nicky and her husband Graham and Scampi and Poppy the shiny black cats

Boucles Noisette ~ brown spotted tabby ~ living with brother Bungle and Sarah and her family 

Boucles Dragonfly ~ blue self female ~ living with Jan Bradley at Sheephouse and making lovely big babies including Sheephouse Spider BIS Kitten at the Southern British Shorthair Show 2016


Litter Nine ~ 30th May 2015

Imp Gr Ch & Int Ch & TICA LA SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x Antiguason Dizi Delilah

Boucles Mr Silky Drawers ~ black silver spotted tabby variant ~ Hamish also lives locally and lives the life of a very special 'little' man.


Litter Ten ~ 18th May 2016

QGC Phantom Van Dacemewi's Choice x Ch & RW SGC Boucles Madame Pourquoi


Litter Eleven ~ 9th July 2016

Imp Gr Ch & Int Ch & TICA LA SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside x RW Dramatails Secret of Boucles

Poppy at 7 months
Poppy at 7 months
And Poppy again
And Poppy again
Milly admiring herself
Milly admiring herself
Milly playing with Ollie
Milly playing with Ollie

Boucles Tantomile aka Millie (pictured above) went to live with Caitlin and Graham and their gorgeous big boy Ollie.  Ollie and Millie are now the best of friends and I could not have wished for a more fabulous home for this special girl.

Boucles Mungojerrie went to good friend Gemma Nevin and is now a gorgeous stud boy who will hopefully be having babies of his own this year!

Below you can see baby photos of all of the Literary Cats Litter:

 Slinky.jpg picture by SoupiedooDinnertime.jpg picture by Soupiedoo


Eric2.jpg picture by SoupiedooMac.jpg


Mimi.jpgPoppy.jpg picture by Soupiedoo

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